Privacy Policy

as of May 21st, 2018

The nature of the service is one where privacy is a must. The items below will help you understand the data we collect, access, and store on your behalf as you use this service.

Third Party Services

myPrayerJournal utilizes a third-party authentication and identity provider. You should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy for Auth0, as well as your chosen provider (Microsoft or Google).

What We Collect

Identifying Data

  • The only identifying data myPrayerJournal stores is the subscriber (“sub”) field from the token we receive from Auth0, once you have signed in through their hosted service. All information is associated with you via this field.
  • While you are signed in, within your browser, the service has access to your first and last names, along with a URL to the profile picture (provided by your selected identity provider). This information is not transmitted to the server, and is removed when “Log Off” is clicked.

User Provided Data

  • myPrayerJournal stores the information you provide, including the text of prayer requests, updates, and notes; and the date/time when certain actions are taken.

How Your Data Is Accessed / Secured

  • Your provided data is returned to you, as required, to display your journal or your answered requests. On the server, it is stored in a controlled-access database.
  • Your data is backed up, along with other Bit Badger Solutions hosted systems, in a rolling manner; backups are preserved for the prior 7 days, and backups from the 1st and 15th are preserved for 3 months. These backups are stored in a private cloud data repository.
  • The data collected and stored is the absolute minimum necessary for the functionality of the service. There are no plans to “monetize” this service, and storing the minimum amount of information means that the data we have is not interesting to purchasers (or those who may have more nefarious purposes).
  • Access to servers and backups is strictly controlled and monitored for unauthorized access attempts.

Removing Your Data

At any time, you may choose to discontinue using this service. Both Microsoft and Google provide ways to revoke access from this application. However, if you want your data removed from the database, please contact daniel at (via e-mail, replacing at with @) prior to doing so, to ensure we can determine which subscriber ID belongs to you.